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BitSignal Profile on Mobile Smartphones
BitSignal Profile on Desktop With Matching Mobile Profile

Since 2019, we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals change the way they do business.

Deliver Your Information

Allow customers to follow your important links, share your information, and download your contact directly to their phones.

Keep It Up To Date

Update your information at any time to ensure that your prospects receive relevant information whenever they need it.

Customize Your Branding

Customize the look of your profile with our powerful theme builder to add banners, profile images, colors, and more.

Wow With An NFC Card

Pair your BitSignal profile with an NFC Card to share your profile and info with a single tap of the card to a smartphone. 

Interested in Upgrading Your Digital Business Card?

BitSignal Pro and BitSignal Enterprise offer further customization options and increased link-sharing capacity for individuals and businesses respectively. If you are interested in exploring these options for your business card solution, follow the links below.

Three BitSignal Profiles For Sharing Your Business and Personal Information


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