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Smart Digital Business Cards

The Digital Business Card professionals are raving about. Share your contact information, apps, websites, and social connections. Create your free profile today - no app required.

Custom Digital Business Card in Luxury Black and Gold for BitSignal BitSignal Digital Profile With Leaf Theme
Winery Theme for a BitSignal Digital Business Card Custom Link Sharing Through BitSignal Smart Business Card
Luxury Black Mesh BitSignal Profile for Sharing Contact Information Custom e Business Card With Links and Contact Information

The Latest Innovation in Business Card Technology

Stacked BitSignal Profiles Showing Off Custom Themes

Share information effortlessly and keep it continuously up to date with your fully customizable Digital Business Card.

Your hub of connections, including:

  • Contact Information
  • Connect to Apps
  • Connect to Websites
  • Social Connections
  • Video, and More

Seamlessly delivered to friends, clients, colleagues, and prospects.

Customizing Your BitSignal Profile Infographic

Customize Your Profile

Create buttons for your links and contact info, create a theme that fits your style or your branding, and more.

Sharing Your Digital Business Card Infographic

Share Your Card

Utilize your profile's custom QR Code and link to share your card with your prospects, or use our NFC technology to pair your profile to a smart business card.

Networking With Your BitSignal Smart Card Infographic

Make connections

Send messages, set appointments, download contacts, monitor performance, upload resumes, and more, all from your digital business card.

Custom Buttons

Link visitors to your website, social networks, apps, videos, and more with custom buttons.

Custom Themes

Customize your digital business card colors, icons, pictures, and more.


Visitors can send you their contact info, send you messages, and more.


Track the number of visitors, downloads, and button clicks.

And More, With More On The Way


Visitors can schedule a meeting or appointment with you with via your card.

Upload Resumés

Add a resumé to your bio and share your information with potential employers.

Turn Your Business Card Into An Event Badge

BitSignal Events turns your profile into an ID Badge, connecting you to your attendees, your vendors, and to each other. Collect and export your Event connections, collect points, and more, all with the branding of your event front and center.

BitSignal Digital Event Badge with Physical QR Code Event Badge and Lanyard
Photographer Digital Business Card Through BitSignal
BitSignal's Theme Editor and Selector

Design Your Profile To Fit You

Choose from a growing library of pre-designed themes for your card, or utilize BitSignal's powerful theme builder to edit and customize:

  • Profile Images
  • Banners
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Gradients
  • Button Icons
  • Fonts
  • Text Color
  • Accents
  • And More!
  • Full Color Compositions

BitSignal For Your Whole Business

Modernize the way your business networks.

BitSignal Enterprise is loaded with ways to customize the way your business is represented down to the department, group, or even individual. Everything from the profile theme to the presented information to the analytics and more is fully customizable in real time.

Using BitSignal Enterprise in Your Business
  • Touchless NFC Card with Colorful Spiral Design
  • BitSignal NFC Cards to Pair With Digital Business Cards
  • Cyber Globe Design on NFC Business Card
  • Wireless Horizon Waves Design NFC Card
  • Colorful NFC Wireless Smart Card
  • Yellow NFC Business Card to Share Contacts and Links

Match Your Digital Business Card With NFC Business Cards

A wireless card that can transfer your digital information with a simple tap. These cards are built to make a big impression with amazing designs ready to connect. Our NFC business cards are built to be compatible with any modern smartphone.

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