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BitSignal has Many NFC Card Designs to Pair With Your Profile

Bring Business Cards Into The Future With NFC Technology

A wireless card that can transfer your digital information with a simple tap. These cards are built to make a big impression with amazing designs ready to connect. Pair your card with ease, and start sharing right away.

Touchless NFC Card For BitSignal Profiles
Pair your Profile With a High-Quality NFC Card
Order From Many Different NFC Card Designs

What is NFC Technology?

NFC Technology is what makes your business card smart. As an evolution of RFID (Radio Field Identification) technology, NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology transfers information from a chip in the card to a nearby device.

This kind of technology is used often in devices like hotel key cards and ID badges, as well as credit cards and card receivers for tap payments.

NFC Technology Used to Share Information Between Phones

Design a Custom NFC Card

With our partner Plastic Printers, you can design a custom NFC business card to match your branding, your profile, your personality, however you'd like to design your card.

Custom NFC Cards For Your Business Designed by Plastic Printers