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BitSignal Events

Set Up Your Event With BitSignal Badges

When you join BitSignal events, you agree to bring your event to the next level. Provide all of your attendees and vendors with a way to share information amongst each other as well as allowing you to monitor and track performance yourself. 

View your past events, store your contacts, and download a list of all of the attendees, vendors, and employees you met at any time. 

Take your event networking up a notch. 

Event Networking with BitSignal Events

Your Resource For Hosting:

  • Tradeshows
  • Conventions
  • Expos
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Retreats
  • Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
  • Showcases
  • Workshops
  • Galas
  • And More!
BitSignal Digital Event Badge for Contact Sharing

Add Your Information

When you sign up for a BitSignal Event, you'll receive a BitSignal Digital Event Profile. Add your links, contact information, social profiles, websites, products, and more, everything you wish to share with other attendees.

Sharing Your BitSignal Profile with an NFC Card

Share Your Badge

Using an NFC Badge, QR code, or link, share your Digital Badge with other attendees at the event, and store their information for connecting after the event.

Networking Made Possible Through BitSignal Events

Download Your Connections

Even when the event is over, you can revisit past events you attended to view or download all the connections you made through your Digital event Badge.

Connect Your Attendees to Your Vendors Seamlessly

Using BitSignal's business card-sharing technology, when attendees scan, tap, or link their event badges with one another, a contacts list is created in your badge that you can use to connect with other attendees and vendors even after the event is over. 

Cohesive Branding Across Your Event With BitSignal
Easily Share Event Badges with NFC Cards, QR Codes, or Links

Gamify Your Event

Award your attendees points for connecting with attendees and vendors at your events. Set the point amount for specific connections, monitor attendee performance, and even offer rewards based on point accumulation!

Make your event fun, rewarding, and memorable with BitSignal Events.

Sharing Profiles with the Tap of an NFC Card to a Smartphone

Get A Full List of Your Connections

During your event, with every scan you and your attendees are creating and storing a contacts list that can be accessed at any time during or after the event.

Download the contacts list, reach out individually, or save a select few, you and your attendees will be free to network however they please!

Acquire a Contacts List During and After Your Event

Leave Your Attendees With A Best-In-Class Digital Business Card

When your Event is completed and the attendees leave with a new contact list, they can continue to network with the help of their complimentary BitSignal Digital Business Card. 

Once information is added to the profile, after the event in their settings, they can switch over to a Digital Business Card and begin customizing, personalizing, and sharing their information with their free complimentary Digital Business Card.