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BitSignal FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Business Card?
How Does BitSignal Work?
Is an app download required to use or share BitSignal?
Does BitSignal require a subscription?
What phones are compatible with BitSignal NFC?
Do I need a physical card to create a BitSignal account?
What is NFC technology?
How do I stay up to date with new updates and features?

Profile FAQs

Everything you need to know about how to create and perfect your BitSignal digital profile.

Can I change the info on my profile at any time?
Can my account link somewhere other than my BitSignal profile?
Can I customize my profile’s theme?
Can you design my profile’s theme for me?
What kind of links can I add to my profile?
Will you be adding new themes?
Can prospects save my contact information directly to their phone through my profile?
How can I send prospects and clients my BitSignal Digital Business Card?
What is the recommended size image for my profile’s banner and profile image?

Tech Support FAQs

Keep your account up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

How do I reset my password?
I am having trouble logging into my account, who do I contact?
I need something specific on my Digital Business Card that you don’t have, how can I get this added to my Digital Business Card?
I forgot my password, what should I do?
Can I change the email associated with my profile?
What are the differences between BitSignal on iPhone and Android?
How do I enable NFC on an Android?

Phone & Card FAQs

Learn how to set up your phones and use your NFC cards to wow your clients with a BitSignal digital business card.

How do I connect my card to my profile?
Can my card link somewhere other than my BitSignal profile?
Can I have multiple physical business cards linked to the same BitSignal profile?
How do I order physical business cards that match my BitSignal profile?
Can I get an NFC business card made custom or feature my own branding?
What should I do if my or a contact’s phone doesn’t support NFC?
Can I update my custom link?
What material are the NFC Cards?

Feature & Subscription FAQs

Use all the features BitSignal offers to the fullest.

What is BitSignal Pro?
What is BitSignal Enterprise?
What is BitSignal Events?
What is BitSignal Jobs?
What analytics can I see from my account?
How do I set up Scheduling?
How do I set my profile to redirect to a different link?
Does BitSignal have an Affiliate Program?