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BitSignal Features

BitSignal comes preloaded with a swath of exciting features to help you get the most out of your digital business card. 

BitSignal Pro Account With Custom Buttons and Theme
Desktop View of a BitSignal Pro Digital Business Card

Your BitSignal Features

Regardless of your subscription, BitSignal has plenty of features that you can use to impress your prospects and boost your networking. 

BitSignal features include:

  • Custom Buttons
  • Analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Custom Themes
  • User Management
  • Custom Link and QR Code
  • Simple Redirect
  • NFC Encoding
  • Resume Upload
  • Downloadable Contact Information
  • Contact Storage
  • Event Management and Attendance
  • Company Branding

Share Your Card

BitSignal Black and Gold Wireless NFC Card

With A Tap

Using an encoded NFC Card, simply tapping the card to a smartphone will bring your information to your prospect's phone. With unlimited taps and printed on durable plastic, this is the last physical business card you'll ever need.

BitSignal Personalized QR Code and Link For Sharing

With A Code

Each profile generates a custom QR Code that can be downloaded or pulled up on your profile by tapping 'Share', allowing you to share your profile physically without needing a card. Our NFC Cards also come with a QR Code printed on the back, that when encoded to your profile, will also direct to your account with a single scan. 

Personalized BitSignal Account Link for Networking

With A Link

Each profile also generates a custom link that can be sent through email, social profiles, messaging, and more. Pair it with your QR Code to create a killer email signature, add it to your social bios, add it to your LinkedIn page, whatever can get your profile in front of new and returning prospects. 

Make New Connections

Create Your Links With Custom Buttons

Your Custom Buttons are the most important feature on your profile - these are your links and information clients can follow or download directly to their phones. Share your: 

  • Contact Information
  • Websites
  • Social Connections
  • Apps
  • And More!

All information added in custom buttons can be updated at any time, ensuring your clients and customers have current information exactly when they need it. 

Custom Buttons for Link Sharing and Contact Sharing

Message New Contacts

Digital Business Cards come complete with messaging, boasting all of the features one would expect:

  • Contact Storage
  • Personal Inbox
  • Customizable Invite Content
  • Messaging Notifications

In your BitSignal inbox, you can view your inbox and messages, contacts, sent messages, and trash, as well as composing and sending new messages. Now, your business card has a fully functioning messaging system!

Messaging Through Your BitSignal Profile

Set Appointments From Your Profile

Your Digital Business Card is made for networking, and setting meetings or appointments is a big part of that. With a Calendly integration, you can set appointments with prospects or they can set appointments with you, right from your profile.

Enable scheduling, link your Calendly, and a new button will appear on your profile. Start setting meetings right from your digital business card! Scheduling is a BitSignal Pro feature. Explore more Pro features to decide if Pro is right for you!

Scheduling With Calendly From Your BitSignal Profile

Monitor Performance

Enterprise Analytics

Track card views across departments and groups down to the individual, monitor which buttons are being pressed most often, and download each analysis as a report. 


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BitSignal Enterprise Card View Analytics

Basic Analytics

View your digital business card's downloads and views through the free profile analytics.


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Pro Analytics

View all analytics in the Basic tier as well as track how many times each of your buttons have been pressed, including analytics for buttons you've removed. 


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Track Your Successes

Using the power of BitSignal analytics and customization, you can test the success of your individual custom buttons, profile layout, employee performance, and more.


Create Your Profile


BitSignal Jobs

By enabling BitSignal jobs, your extensive information, stored on your profile, can be shared with potential employers in your target area - employers looking for candidates with your skill set. Add your resume, cover letter, skills, portfolios, links, contact information, and more to your profile to help employers understand every part of your credentials.

An Interview For Sharing Resumes and Links on BitSignal Profiles

BitSignal Events

The next step forward in Event hosting and attendee tracking is here. 

BitSignal Events registers your attendees, vendors, employees, volunteers, and more, with custom digital Event Badges for your show, and connects attendees to your employees and vendors even long after your event has ended.

Supply your Event with BitSignal Events! 

BitSignal Digital and Physical Event Badges