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Outfit your next event with Digital Event Badges that can be shared, monitored, and collected to help bring attendees together like never before.

Supply Your Event With Digital and Physical Event Badges

Bring BitSignal to Your Event


Using BitSignal Events, you can provide your attendees, vendors, and employees with a Digital Event Badge to share with each other, help you monitor attendance and performance, award points, gather contacts, and more. 

Use BitSignal Events for your upcoming:

  • Tradeshow
  • Conference
  • Conventions
  • Seminar
  • Expo
  • Showcase
  • Workshop
  • And More!


Find out if Bitsignal Events is right for your Event, and reach out to our team to help get you started!

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Provide a Full List of Connections

During your event, with every scan you and your attendees are creating and storing a contacts list that can be accessed at any time during or after the event.

Attendees can even earn points for connecting with vendors or other attendees, and help you keep track of your attendees as well.

Contact Storage and Messaging Through BitSignal Event Badges

Connect Attendees and Vendors Seamlessly

Using BitSignal's business card-sharing technology, when attendees scan, tap, or link their event badges with one another, a contacts list is created in your badge that you can use to connect with other attendees and vendors even after the event is over. 

Networking With a Digital Event Badge at Your Event