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Sharing Your Digital Business Card

Remember going into a meeting and handing around your business cards, hoping that it doesn’t get lost or thrown out?

There is a new way to deliver your business card, without all the waiting and hoping, and it will make your life so much easier. In fact, you’re not just sharing your business card; you’re sharing your whole network. All it takes is a link or a QR code. Let’s take a walk through your BitSignal profile and find all the ways you can share your profile with your clients and customers.

Your QR Code

When you create a BitSignal account, a custom QR Code is created alongside it to direct your customers and clients to your profile with a scan. There are a few ways to utilize your BitSignal QR Code, from your settings to your actual profile. For example, when you are in your profile settings, navigate to the ‘Signal Share’ section to download your QR Code and place it wherever you need;

  • Place it in your email signature to give it a professional feel and allow correspondents easy access to your info.
  • Utilize the QR Code on the NFC Card for quick scanning capability for older models of smartphones.
  • Add your QR Code to your socials and let your followers know how to get in contact with you.
  • Add your QR Code to your in-person signage, front desk, business card, or whatever you need to provide visitors with your current information.


In addition to downloading your QR Code, you can easily pull up your QR Code from your mobile profile to give customers or clients access to your profile on the go. On the bottom of your profile (pictured above), when you tap share, your custom QR Code pops right up so anyone nearby can give it a scan!

This incredibly convenient ability makes networking at parties, tradeshows, conventions, and events that much easier, and there’s more to it! The share button you see underneath the QR Code is an easy way to send that QR Code directly to someone you already share contacts with, whether through a text message, direct message, email, or whatever other apps and services you share.

In addition, when you are logged in on your profile and click the share button, a new link appears:


When you tap “Share a Different Contact”, you can share any BitSignal contact you have saved to your profile, allowing you and your network to share each other’s info! If you’re an enterprise member and you want to share a co-worker’s information, this is the button you would use. The same goes for sharing a friend or colleague’s info, if you save their contact to your profile, you can then share it with others and expand the network further!

Your BitSignal link is also generated as soon as your account is created, and can be used as flexibly as your QR Code. In an email signature, social media bio, sharing through texts or DMs, in-person flyers or indicators, and more. Your link uses your name to create a BitSignal URL, and anyone with that link can search and find your BitSignal profile!

Your NFC Card

One of the most unique and interesting ways you can share your BitSignal profile is with an NFC Card. NFC (or near-field communication technology) Cards each have a chip embedded in them that are encoded to your personal BitSignal profile, and when the card is tapped to a smartphone, will open your profile right there.

These NFC Digital Business Cards do away with the ‘will they won’t they’ of the old method; handing out business cards and hoping the client doesn’t lose it, or waiting to hear back from them. This NFC Card method ensures that your client and customer has immediate and ready access to your information whenever they need it without the hassle of hoping they still have your card. With one NFC Business Card, you can share your Digital Business Card with thousands of clients and customers.

Your NFC Card is personalizable as well, just like your profile. We’ve got plenty of designs in our store for you to choose from, and in addition, you can order custom NFC Cards to go with your profiles from our partner Plastic Printers.

The Wrap Up

There you have it; arguably the most shareable business card you’ll ever find. Whether you chose the link, the QR Code, and/or the NFC Card, that’s still not even all the ways you can share. The choices are yours! However you want to guide clients, customers, friends, or acquaintances, to your digital profile, you’re in charge. Start getting your information out there! We’re here to help you build your network, and if you need anything to help make your BitSignal experience better, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help!